November 19, 2017

When in pain, write.
When you heart ache, write.

So, why can’t I write now?
Does that mean I’m not in “the” state?

Even so, why does my heart feel so broken?
Why does it hurts so much?

If it can be seen by our eyes, my heart probably bleeding.
But, we can’t see it.

Hence, it does not broken. It does not bleed. It does not hurt.

And everything is ok.

October 29, 2017

“Maybe someday when I’ll see you again,
you’ll look me in my eyes and call me your friend”

I guess I can finally call you my friend.
Thank you for always being there.

Regardless of what hour I came looking for you,
With random, random thoughts and questions, and problems,
thank you for always being there.

To entertain, to answer and to calm me down.
To make me feel better in so many ways that I dont understand
and would not understand.

Thank you.

You’ve always been the reason I’m writing a long post.
And you will always be.